Nikki & Alex / by Laura Reaney

Nikki and Alex pulled off their wedding with just a few months of planning and it was beautiful! The wedding was held at Alex's parents' home on Shasta Lake and family and friends came together to transform the yard into the perfect wedding site complete with an arbor overlooking the lake, yard games, market lights and a hand made bar and hand made cocktail tables. My favorite little detail was the cake topper on the wedding cake. It was a custom made clay figurine of Nikki and Alex with Nikki in a speedboat and Alex waterskiing. It was perfect for them since it was the waterskiing club at UNR that first brought them together. Nikki is one of the friendliest people I have ever met so it's no surprise that she was the one to, as Alex's parents put it, bring a quite guy like Alex out of his shell. These two are so adventurous and they really know how to maximize the free time get have in Alex's busy med school schedule. I think that's why they were able to pull off this wedding so flawlessly!