Sandra & Trevor / by Laura Reaney

I was so excited when Trevor and Sandra asked me to photograph their wedding in San Diego! We took some really cool engagement photos in the snow this past winter (like IN a snow storm!) so it was a nice contrast to take their wedding photos next to the ocean. They did so much coordinating with all the details and making sure all the out of towners  got to where they needed to be. My favorite parts were Trevor's face when he first saw Sandra, their dog Thor as the ring bearer, and the traditional Mexican dance, La Vibora de la Mar, where all the men joined hands and ran around the reception hall, ducked under a "bridge" of Sandra's veil held up by her and Trevor, then ended the dance by tossing Trevor into the air! Sandra and Trevor are so different in height, but their personalities compliment each other so well and it was so great to see the beginning of their lives together. 

White Preview-4.jpg