Sally & April / by Laura Reaney

I am so glad I was able to photograph Sally and April's wedding. Not only was it in an incredibly beautiful place, and not only were they super into nature and national parks like me, but they really knew what they wanted from their wedding. They focused on the meaningful and fun aspects of the wedding rather than worry about insignificant details that end up driving some couples crazy.  They were willing to walk around in the dirt with me to take photos which always makes me happy and got us some really cool and unique shots. April and Sally planned this wedding from their home across the country and then moved to the other side of the country and dealt with a bunch of other things in the weeks leading up to the wedding. But it didn't dampen their spirits on their wedding day.  That's probably a good indication that they found the right person; someone who doesn't just stand by you on the best day ever, but someone who will stand beside you no matter what happens.