Max & Meagan / by Laura Reaney

A few months ago, I got to do one of my favorite things as a photographer. I got to go incognito and take covert photos of a proposal! This one was really special. Max had been planning this for a long time. Both Max and Meagan grew up in Reno, but now live in San Diego. Max decided he was going to pop the question in Tahoe, high in the mountains overlooking the whole lake. It was may and there was still a lot of snow on the trail. Luckily, he convinced Meagan to reach the overlook despite the snow! I hiked up early to find the spot and set up my camera and did my best to just look like someone doing nature photography. The sun had risen, but it was overcast so the lighting was perfect. And by the time Max and Meagan got up to the lookout, there was a hot air balloon flying over the lake! It all was so beautiful and perfect. While Meagan knew they’d get engaged eventually, I don’t think she expected it to happen in such an awe inspiring location and with such a stunning and unique ring. 

Max worked with J. Wiesner Private Jeweler to create the perfect ring for Meagan. Max wanted a vintage style ring, but with his own touches. They searched though different diamond cuts and he settled on a beautiful emerald cut. They created a CAD of the ring to work out minor details (such a good idea!).  The emerald cut looked perfect on Meagan’s long fingers and the smaller diamonds surrounded by gold in the band added just enough sparkle to give the ring a brilliant, yet delicate overall look. 

After the proposal, Max and Meagan were able to go to brunch with family members in Tahoe to celebrate with everyone. Now, they are working with J. Wiesner Private Jeweler on a wedding band to match the engagement ring. It was such a wonderful beginning to what I’m sure will be a happy and adventurous marriage! 

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