Jillian & Eric / by Laura Reaney

Jill and Eric's wedding was such an incredible day! Everyone expected it to be, considering how long it's been awaited by family, friends, and Jill and Eric themselves. They've been together for eight years, engaged for two years, and they've even been burning man married for several years! But even though they weren't officially married until this weekend, Jill and Eric have been living life together just as well (if not better) than any married couple would. They both thrive in their careers, they travel often, and they are so dedicated to their friends, families and hobbies. They share a passion for life and a passion for each other. Anyone who has seen them together or heard them talk about each other knows that they have a love for each other that is rare. I'm lucky to have known them both separately and been able to watch their relationship unfold. Their wedding day was the culmination of all those years of love and growth. So many people from different parts of Jill and Eric's life came together for a gorgeous day in beautiful place for wild party that was worthy of a couple as wonderful as Jill and Eric.

Venue: East Fork Ranch  Planning/Decor: The Entertainer 

Florals: Helianthus Floral   Hair: Allie Vidal-Lokal Salon

Makeup: Jess Reim-Drago Salon   DJ: McClain's Mobile Music   Dress: Swoon Bridal

Catering: Blend    Doughnuts: Doughboys    Bar: Shine Bar Catering

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