Jessica & Kevin / by Laura Reaney

Jessica and Kevin's destination wedding was incredible, but what's more incredible is what they had to go through to get to that day. A tropical storm in Cabo threw off the flight plans of so many guests while Jessica and Kevin and several other guests had to hunker down in the resort and wait out the storm. It could have been a disaster (or Dyess-aster as they called it), but the storm cleared up in a couple days and everyone was able to make it down to Cabo in time for the wedding. Everyone was treated to perfect weather on wedding day, there was a game of beach volleyball before everyone got ready for the sunset ceremony. Kevin and Jessica exchanged vows that made pretty much everyone cry, but I think my favorite part was watching them dance together. They are such goofy, fun-loving people who have been together for so long and are still very much in love, and I think they showed all that off in the coordinated first dance and the awesome party that followed. The consensus at the end of the weekend was that if Kevin and Jessica could weather Tropical Storm Lidia, they can weather anything that comes their way!   

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