Alyssa & Eric / by Laura Reaney

Alyssa and Eric's was so beautiful, fun and unique. The Grove looked stunning with handmade centerpieces, flowers and drapes, a chandelier and tons of glitz and glam! Everything looked so elegant and romantic that at first glance you might not realize that Alyssa and Eric are actually such easy going, fun loving, goofy people. That's why their wedding was so amazing. It's was one of the most beautiful set ups I've seen, but I got the feeling that Eric and Alyssa and their family and friends could have been anywhere and still had as much fun as they all did. Eric and Alyssa and all the bridesmaids and groomsmen did a dance as they walked out of the ceremony, Eric read his vows off of a long scroll and Alyssa and her father played inflatable guitars to Guns N' Roses for their father daughter dance. During the reception, the DJ told the story of how Alyssa and Eric met and got to know each other, then he played prerecorded messages in which they each talked about why they love the other. The whole evening was a perfect mix of romance and fun. 

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