Setterfield Wedding / by Laura Reaney

Since my first meeting with Jordan, I was so happy to work with her. She knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding, she was decisive, organized and so sweet. And the wedding turned out amazing because of it. I loved the mismatched dresses that the bridesmaids wore that were all different, but went together beautifully. But my favorite part of the evening was the toasts. The toasts had everyone choked up, even Jordan and Calder. They opened the mic up to anyone who wanted to speak , which I always love because so many people had great stories and wonderful things to say. It always makes me so happy to hear the toasts; I love hearing about their history as a couple and all the well-wishes for their future.  It reminds me why capturing moments of this day is so special and I was so happy to be able to do that for Calder and Jordan.