Hardisty Wedding / by Laura Reaney

This is how I first met Nate and Lorabelle: at a wedding fair in January, there was a contest to see who could find a pair of diamond earrings hidden in a huge wedding cake. There was one cake for the brides and one cake for the grooms. Nate and Lorabelle BOTH found the diamond earrings in each of the cakes! I think it was a sign of how compatible they are and I was very excited to work with them. Their wedding reception was held in the newly renovated portion of the Wilbur D. May Museum and was truly beautiful complete with big windows, lots of greenery and a waterfall. I loved working with Nate and Lorabelle because they were a very relaxed couple. They both got ready at home and we did the first look pictures on their front porch. They weren't nervous or stressed because their wedding day truly was about them being united in marriage, everything beyond that was just for fun. 

Hardisty Preview_5.jpg