Lucy & Samuel / by Laura Reaney

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end this year. Lucy and Sam’s wedding was so special and I was so happy I got to capture it all. There were so many unique touches that made this wedding so personalized to Lucy and Sam, it was so cool to have these little bits of insight into their life together as well as some neat family history. The tables names (all different places Lucy and Sam have been) were accompanied by photos of that place and a little story on the back about the time they spent there. Lucy had two lucky sixpence, each from the years that her grandmothers were born, which she kept in her dress in a pocket made from one of her dad’s shirts. The ceremony began with the ringing of Lucy’s Great-Great-Grandmother’s school bell. Sam’s ring was made from a meteorite; when Lucy’s tells Same she loves him, he says “to the moon and back.” This day was special for Sam’s parents too since it was their 35th wedding anniversary and Lucy and Sam gave them their own special cake to cut. Everything from the ceremony where the officiant compared Sam and Lucy to a great oak tree and a kite, to the tearful toasts, to the coordinated dance that Lucy did with her mother, was so incredibly special and unique to this awesome couple and I feel like Sam a Lucy, as well as everyone in attendance, got so much more out of this day because of it.

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