Kimberly & Daniel / by Laura Reaney

Kim & Dan's wedding was so stunning! It took place at a winery in Napa and I literally couldn't take a bad photo there! It was a beautiful day and the ceremony took place in the outdoor courtyard and the reception took place in the wine barrel room. Both Kim and Dan got emotional during the ceremony; they've been together for a long time so this day was so special for them and for all their family and friends. They are so fun and cute together, it was so easy to take photos of them looking happy and in love. We took photos before the ceremony so that Kim and Dan could enjoy their cocktail hour. They prioritized the dancing, the fun and the party over other little things that can take up a lot of time during weddings, which allowed them to get so much more enjoyment out of this one special night than many other couples do. 

Venue: V. Sattui  Flowers: Kate Gordon  MUAH: Kayla St. Vincent

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