MacKenzie & Carlos / by Laura Reaney

When an American girl falls in love with a Costa Rican man, the best thing to do is throw an awesome beach wedding in Costa Rica! I was so grateful to accompany MacKenzie and Carlos to Tamarindo, Costa Rica for their beautiful wedding. Partly because it was such a gorgeous and exotic place, but mostly because MacKenzie and Carlos are two of the most generous, thoughtful people I've had the pleasure of working for. The love between them is so obvious and tangible. MacKenzie and Carlos met while MacKenzie was working in Costa Rica, where Carlos is from, and they currently live in America. Despite the distance, for the American family as well as the Costa Rican family, so many friends and family made it down for this wonderful celebration. Which was a good thing because family members and friends played huge roles in the wedding. MacKenzie's aunt and cousin decorated the cake with hand crafted sugar flowers and succulents.  MacKenzie's friend did her hair, makeup and was the English speaking officiant, and Carlos' cousin was the Spanish speaking officiant.  I think MacKenzie said it best in her vows. That a life split between two families in two different countries speaking two different languages is bound to be messy, but it's absolutely worth it.