Ana & Derek / by Laura Reaney

Ana and Derek are a very special couple. As Ana said during their vows, they are very different in many ways, but also so similar. It's something I first noticed while taking their engagement photos. Their heights for one are quite different, but they are the kind of couple who can talk to each other in jokes and looks and single words. The cinderella reception theme was simply stunning with silver pumpkin carriage centerpieces, pumpkin place cards, a Lego Cinderella castle and an elegant cake fit for a king and queen. The glow of the mountains in our photos and the glowing photos we got with sparklers added to the magical feel of the day. But nothing was quite as special as Derek's expression when he saw Ana walking down the aisle. It was hands down the sweetest reaction I have every seen from a groom looking at his bride. It's just a small example of how much these two truly love each other.  

Pendergraft Preview-11.jpg