Karen & Kevin / by Laura Reaney

I've been looking forward to Karen and Kevin's wedding since I first talked to Karen on the phone. Karen and Kevin planned a wedding in Janesville, California all the way from their home in Hawaii. I could tell Karen had such a special vision for their wedding and so many family and friends in Janesville came together to make that vision a reality. They helped with hair, makeup, flowers, decorations, set up, everything! The wedding was held at Karen's parents' house. Leading up to the wedding Karen's dad carefully tended to a beautiful garden full of flowers. They had all the children at the wedding line the aisle and blow bubbles as Karen and her dad walked down to the alter and then again as Karen and Kevin walked back up. But my favorite part of this wedding was when Karen did the father-daughter dance wither her dad. As the song started to play and they started to dance, a recording of Karen's voice came on over the song and she was talking about her dad and how happy he makes her and how grateful she is for him.