Marilee & Adam / by Laura Reaney

Marilee and Adam's wedding day was windy and cold, but it made the pictures all the better! Marilee wore a faux fur shawl over her dress and the bridesmaids wore pink tartan shawls which, along with their windblown hair, the green grass, cloudy skies and snow on the mountains, made it feel like were were somewhere in Scotland. The funniest part of the day happened in the middle of the ceremony when a car drove by and someone yelled out the window, "Don't do it!"  No one was sure how to react, but when Marilee started laughing everyone else did too. It's always nice when a couple can take those things in stride and turn little wedding mishaps into fun memories.

Location: David Wally's Hot Springs Resort, Genoa, Nevada

Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Schembri

Music: Daryl Funn