Katie & Nick / by Laura Reaney

I have been looking forward to Katie and Nick's wedding since they first contacted me. Katie and Nick love the outdoors, the mountains and national parks, so they decided to elope in Yosemite National Park! Accompanied by their parents, best friends and Katie's daughter, they choose a prefect spot right along the river to exchange vows. It was an absolutely beautiful day and even though it was an elopement, so much thought was put into all the little details from the handmade bouquets, to the vows, to gifts that Katie and Nick exchanged. They all wore hiking boots and they were ready for anything when we set out to take photos and video! They walked on logs, climbed on rocks and they even got into the river for our last shots! Such adventurous couples make my job more fun and I know they have many more adventures ahead of them! 

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