Watty Wedding / by Laura Reaney

I have known Shelby for several years and it has been so exciting watching her and Matt get so excited about planning this perfect wedding. I was lucky to be involved in the process by taking their engagement photos and Shelby's bridal shower photos.  Shelby is one of the sweetest people I have every met. It seems no matter what happens, she is always looking on the bright side of things.  Matt is a prefect gentleman and dotes on Shelby in every way that she deserves. The weather forecast for their wedding day was not promising, but as the day wore on the weather got better and better and they were able to have the outdoor ceremony they planned on. The Ritz-Carlton at Northstar was such a fun venue to photograph in and Justincredible DJ had so many fun dances and little games that made the reception so fun. It was altogether a wonderful day that Matt and Shelby greatly deserved.