Why I don't charge by the hour / by Laura Reaney

Every wedding photographer knows how long weddings usually last. Every. Single. One. 

So why is it that some wedding photographers will charge you thousands of dollars for 4 hours of service (and only give you a limited number of photos in a limited number of forms, but we’ll talk about that later), and then charge you extra for every hour that they stay after that? Because they know that when the 4 hours are up and you haven’t even cut the cake or danced with your father or thrown the bouquet yet, of course you are going to want your photographer to stay. It’s your wedding day, everything looks so beautiful, all your family and friends are here and in that moment you don’t care what you have to pay, as long as everything gets captured. 


Photographers know that and will exploit it to their advantage. 


I don’t do that.  I charge one flat fee and with that you know exactly what you’re getting, including my services from the time you are getting your makeup done to the time you make your grand exit and everything in between. 


You should not have to think about what your vendors are doing on your wedding day. What if your caterer stopped making dinner half way through and said you needed to pay more for the rest of your guests to eat? What if your DJ stopped playing music before the party was over and said he’s gonna need a check to play any longer? These vendors have worked enough weddings to know exactly what is going to make your day easy and what is going to make them more money.  


Personally, I don’t get it. Aside from what I feel is my duty to capture every special moment of your special day so that you can share those pictures with your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as a wedding vendor I get to be around some of the happiest people in the world on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want to stay till the end of the party!