Why I love Photography


About the Photographer: Laura Reaney

Why Photography Is Important To Me

I believe the importance of photography is two fold.

First, to document. To capture moments and turn them into everlasting memories in the form of a photo. It’s a way to time travel. A way for you to look back on and remember some of the happiest times in your life, and a way for your kids, grandkids and beyond to connect with you in a way that isn’t otherwise possible. 

Second, to create a work of art.  Anyone with a camera can take a photo. But hiring a professional with a BA in Art from the University of Nevada means you’re getting more than just a photo. You’re getting a work of art suitable for framing and hanging on the wall like you would a painting. Hiring a professional means you’re going to get something that is unique and special. You’re going to get photos of yourself that not only document that moment, but also create magical moment themselves as stand-alone works of art. 

Who I Like To Work For

My best work is done when I am photographing people who have chosen me for my style of photography.  I have a passion for photography as time-tested means of documentation AND a versatile form of art. I love working for people who are looking to go beyond the normal standards for portraits and create visual masterpieces. I am easy going, which I believe is an important factor in helping clients relax so as to capture natural and genuine smiles.  I love what I do and I enjoy photographing people who are looking for an enjoyable experience and polished product.

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For a look at my extended portfolio, please visit:  http://reaneyphotography.zenfolio.com/


A bit more about me: I was born and raised in Reno and I am happy to be able to contribute the the community with my art. I am lucky to have a large part of my family also living in Reno and well as many amazing friends. I love being outside and my hobbies include traveling, rock climbing, hiking, running and bicycle touring.